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About Us crmSeries

Vision Sales and Marketing Corporation, creators of crmSeries, is an application development company, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Vision has been developing application since 1995. Our primary focus is developing innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for the heavy equipment industry. Vision develops and supports solution for both the heavy equipment dealers and their customers.

About crmSeries

crmSeries is a Customer Relationship Management "CRM" hosted software application with a focus on the heavy equipment industry. There are several benefits with implementing crmSeries within your heavy equipment dealership. First, because crmSeries was specifically designed for your business, this greatly reduces the startup time and cost. Second, crmSeries uses common industry terms that your employees will understand and quickly increase their knowledge of your customer’s equipment requirements.


Product Support Reps – crmSeries will help a Product Support Rep better understand where potential parts and service revenue exists. Your customer’s machine population is entered into crmSeries (either by the Product Support Rep or via an automation connection to another application such as your ERP System). crmSeries will review each machine and based on utilization history and manufacturer component life calculations, determine when parts and services are required.

We also provide manual toolkits and automated ultrasonic tools to assist your Product Support Reps with determining undercarriage wear. The measurements are used by crmSeries to quickly calculate the 100% utilized date.

Parts Counter Reps – the same machine component specification that your Product Support Reps are receiving can be shared with your Parts Counter Reps. Reports can automatically be defined and distributed via email indicating customer equipment and specific components that are approaching 100% utilization.

Equipment Sales Reps – crmSeries incorporates a powerful equipment quoting tool for inventory machines and new machines from the factory. Equipment inventory can be automated from your ERP system to eliminate duplicate entry. The sales quotes can be monitored to determine profitability with additional features like SPAR management, customizable quote templates, and more.

Management – Every aspect of crmSeries can be monitored via a dashboards, automated reporting, and alert notifications. Branch managers will only see the information for the branch or branches that they are assigned and Executive level users can review information for the complete dealership. System and User administrators can control how and what users can do and see.

If your Heavy Equipment Dealership requires customized options or unique features, then we can do it!